We are a company with more than 10 years of experience providing product distribution, white labeling, customizing and sourcing solution to our customers. We specialize in wholesale and distribution of various consumer products. Currently we handle more than thousands of product assortment, and some of our product categories are:

1. Office And Home Office Device And Equipment
-Keyboard, Mouse, Webcam, Projector Stand, Projector Screen, Media/Network Cable and Converter, and Routers
2. Mobile Accessories
-Powerbanks, Powerstation, Earphone, Headphone, Chargers, Cables,
3. Medical Equipment & Disinfecting Devices
-Thermometer, Oximeter, Bp Meter, PPE, UV Disinfection Light, Fogging Machine, Oxygen Concentrator, Fetal Doppler.
4. Containers And Packaging
-Stretch Film and PP Food Containers,
5. Test Tools And Equipments
-Distance Meter, Moisture Meter, DB Meter Vibration Meter, Tachometer,
6. Cleaning Equipment
7. Small Appliances
8. Sporting And Outdoor
-Home Exercise, Tent, Camping Supplies, And Tools